See How Timmy Failure Started with New Prequel Book

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By Alison Wenger, Lebanon, PA April 7, 2020

Many of us with Disney+ at home have already fallen in love with Timmy Failure thanks to the feature length film on the streaming service.

But, did you know before there was a movie, there was a best-selling book series? The latest book is a hilarious prequel, Timmy Failure: Zero to Hero.

If Timmy Failure is a new name to you, here’s the scoop:

Timmy Failure is not just any detective—he is the greatest detective in his town, perhaps the nation. He is so famous that there have been seven books written about his life. Plus, a movie. And, so, he has agreed to provide the world with his extraordinary origin story, as dictated to his biographer and best friend, Charles “Rollo” Tookus.

Timmy Failure: Zero to Hero is a heartwarming tale of how it all started for our favorite clueless detective—including how he got that red scarf!

The prequel, recommended for ages 8-12, features all of the humor and heart of the original novels and is available in print and eBook format. Timmy Failure: Zero to Hero also includes exclusive photos from the Disney Plus movie. Order it online here.