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The Story of Noah Tickets Giveaway

March 10, 2014

Sponsored By Brewsters

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"The producers of THE STORY OF JESUS, are excited to present the epic production, THE STORY OF NOAH. Casted with more than 200 people and more than 100 live animals, this mammoth, theatrical adventure will take the viewer on a remarkable journey of faith as they witness the struggle of the great patriarch to complete the will of God. Every detail of the story, as revealed in the Bible, will come to life with remarkable realism, that will sweep the audience back in time to the early days of the human race. The Bible says of that day, “every imagination of the thoughts of mankind’s heart was only evil continually.” Typically, the account of Noah is presented as a charming, children’s story with the eccentric old man who builds his ark, gathers his animals, and faces the great flood. It is the intent of Power and Light Productions, to capture the terrible challenges that Noah might have faced as he struggled to build the ark and preach to a very wicked world for 100 difficult years. His task was enormous and would have tested the faith of the man and his family. Our prayer is that every person who experiences THE STORY OF NOAH, will be challenged to a deeper level of commitment to God and a more meaningful walk with Jesus Christ."

For dates and times please visit Story of Noah.

Brewsters in Highlands County will be giving away four tickets to this production. In order to participate in this giveaway, you must subscribe to my free weekly e-newsletter Sebring Macaroni Kid. 

The winner will be annouced by March 22nd. Please click on this link for rules. Giveaway Rules